What is palm vein recognition? Palm vein recognition is a biometric authentication method based on the unique patterns of veins in the palms of people’s hands. Palm vein recognition systems, like many other biometric technologies, capture the pattern of the palm vein, encrypts the data and stores it on BioSec server as an encrypted hash code. This code is unbreakable and untraceable.

The biometric authentication system is a technology, which measures the individual physical characteristics of a body and uses the data for personal authentication. In our case, the vein sensor within the palm vein scanner measures and records the hand’s vein structure by the emission of infrared light.

In opposite to other technologies, which use surface characteristics (fingerprint, face recognition) the vein sensor measures the vein structure below one’s skin, therefore the biometric template cannot be stolen. Due to the fact that we are using an inner biometric characteristic, secret data collection is not possible without one’s knowledge.

The palm vein recognition-based technology’s uniqueness and advantages:

  • It identifies the vein structure within the hand in 5 000 000 points under 0.8 – 1 second, therefore it works with the lowest error rate
  • It can be used regardless of outdoor weather and light conditions
  • It does not leave any trace during use, therefore it cannot be used for secret data collection
  • by using the technology, the identified person’s health conditions cannot be determined
  • BioSec’s palm vein recognition-based solutions are perfectly suitable for mass authentication, which is underlined by several references. During our developments, it was an important aspect to create solutions, which can ensure the secondary right management of existing RFID card-based access control systems and IT security solutions, therefore providing an opportunity for cost effective developments.


No physiological user restrictions while proving to be extremely hygienic as no contact to the skin is required. As veins are internal and have a wealth of differentiating features, attempts to forge an identity are extremely difficult, thereby enabling a high level of security.


On the market end users have to get familiar with four main biometric technologies on the market (fingerprint, face recognition, iris recognition, vein recognition).

Following main indicators were defined based on long field experience that clients can choose the most suitable solution to meet its own requirements:

Most people should be able to be enrolled biometrically in order that you have the minimum problem group each time, who has to be handled individually.

Face recognition Everybody has a face to be recognized, therefore in terms of universality it is a solid solution. Although, due to the current situation face mask must be worn in public spaces. For face recognition mask needs to be removed first what increases the chance of infection.

Fingerprint as an external biometric ID is very vulnerable to surface injuries, dirt, 5-9% has no fingerprint from birth etc., therefore already at the enrolment fingerprint will result greatest problem group.

Iris recognition – is a safe technology, approximately 1-2% has no unique iris pattern from birth.

Palm vein recognition Almost everybody has a hand with vein pattern to be enrolled, only the people with special disability cannot be registered. We do not know of any health condition, which would influence the quality of the biometric template.

The chosen technology should have the best False Acceptance Rate (FAR) to ensure in the best possible way that false acceptance cases outside. One important factor of FAR is the number of reference points created.

Face recognition is using up to several hundred thousand reference points with an average FAR of 0.001 (this can change with each solution provider).

Fingerprintis using in average between 12-120 reference points with least secure FAR.

Iris recognition – is almost as secure as palm vein recognition due to the up to 4 000 000 reference points. Depending on the solution provider FAR of palm vein and iris can be similar

Palm vein recognition is using 5 000 000 reference points with a certified FAR of 0.00008%.

A biometric template should not change during times and the owner should not be forced to register repeatedly.

Face recognition is a stabile biometric template but a lot of outdoor conditions can influence the False Rejection Rate.

Fingerprintis not a stabile biometric template, as surface injuries, dirt, less unique pattern can force the visitor to reregister again.

Iris recognition – uses a stable template but red eyes, contact lenses might influence authentication.

Palm vein recognition From the age of 14 the vein pattern does not change during our lifetime, therefore once registered in a system is enough. There are no known health issues, which influence the quality of authentication except vein surgeries.

Face recognition takes 2-5 seconds and you have to keep still with your head etc., in practice the authentication speed gets slower during mass admission.

Fingerprintis one second, if the template can be read out.

Iris recognition – takes 2-3 second, in addition the positioning of the eye might take longer

Palm vein recognition authentication takes in average 1 second without getting slower in outdoor conditions or with a larger database.

Face recognition can be influenced by direct sunlight, FRR can be far higher during mass admission.

Fingerprintis not affected by the external influences, except, if the surface is wet.

Iris recognition – in outdoor conditions is affected by direct sunlight.

Palm vein recognition As the hand creates a shadow between the sensor and the hand, direct sunlight, external temperatures, rain do not affect authentication, FAR or FRR. Technology works from -20 – +60 degrees.


Authentication solution based on palm vein recognition is the most optimal alternative for the general personal authentication. In most cases FAR, FRR and speed are most vital for mass authentication and the success of a solution (below are general figures found on the internet).

Authentication speed (sec)


External sources of error


Stability of biometric template

Number of reference points




dirt, injuries, wet skin







sun, shadow



~100-100 000




contect lens, blood, sun



~up to 4 000 000




cold hand



up to 5 000 000



What is BLogin?

BLogin is a logical access control system based on biometrics that we need only our hand to log in into Windows. BLogin is Active Directory compatible.

More details

Users’ reaction to complex password-based systems in general:

  • They do not change the passwords
  • They use simple passwords
  • They forget or write up their passwords

In case of companies, this causes the following inconveniences:

  • Constant inconveniences for the users
  • Security risk
  • Implies continuous burden on the IT staff

Main feature of BLogIn:

  • Unsecure passwords, which can be stolen, are replaced and managed by a single-gate biometric identification
  • Each time it creates different 127 characters long password for login
  • No more expired passwords
  • Decreased security risk
  • Increased efficiency
  • Decreased administrative burden for the IT staff
  • Active Directory compatible, therefore access and right management can be managed on one surface together with domain management
  • It can be combined with other biometric products
  • Can be integrated with other IT security systems

Technical Specifications:

  • Applied OP system: Windows 8, 8.1, (32 or 64 bit), Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu 16
  • Right management: Active Directory is necessary, recommended only for corporate clients
  • Database: MSSQL, PostgreSQL
  • Active Directory: complete compatibility
  • Stand alone: only one person can have access in case of offline mode
  • Domain management: possible
  • Necessary hardware: mouse with palm vein sensor or desk terminal + 1 USB port

Possible identification procedure: verification (template + user name), identification (template only)

What is the RackGuard?

RackGuard is a palm vein recognition based biometric solution for opening and closing server racks on a high security level. By using RackGuard, the user only needs his/her hand to open a server rack, thus the inconveniences and security risks of using keys, passcodes and cards can be eliminated with a wave of the hand. RackGuard can be used with wire- and wireless locks and a maximum number of 100 server racks can be connected, depending on the type of the lock.

Complemented with our GateKeeper access control system, not only the server racks, but also the server rooms can be only accessed with biometric authentication. RackGuard is currently under development, it is expected to be launched latest in Q3 2021.

Main benefits of using the RackGuard:

Higher, personalized security for accessing racks. Perfectly adapts to the customer’s needs, whether they need 1:n or a 1:1 authentication. Can be easily used by anyone, regardless of age or abilities, since they only need their hands for authentication. Can be combined with other BioSec solutions, thus one server will serve all solutions (complex security concepts can be created, e.g. combining logical access control with physical security products etc.) Ideal solution even in case of large number of users. More server racks can be managed at the same time Transparent event tracking 1:n or 1:1 authentication options ~1 second authentication time with a wave of the hand.

Main elements:


  • TimeKeeper: biometric access control device
  • PS Guide: registration desk terminal
  • Client device: Can be any computing device operating on Microsoft platform Management and registration PC


  • Server software: Central server software for system administration, central identification and logging on the BioSec server
  • AdminSuite: Registration and management software
  • Client SW: Client software on the local computing device


Triple 1 – modular biometric terminal

Triple 1 + – modular biometric terminal with RFID reader

Learning Stage 1

1st step: wrist support and finger distance control accessories are attached

Learning Stage 2

2nd step: the support is being eased by removing the wrist holder

Learning Stage 3

3rd step: when users are precisely and securely able to scan their palms all accessories are being removed


TimeKeeper – modular biometric terminal with RFID reader and touchscreen

Learning Stage 1

Learning Stage 2

Learning Stage 3


GateKeeper, physical access control system


  • Highest security level
  • Ease of use
  • Convenience
  • The ID cannot be lost, copied or reproduced, since it is an inner biometric ID
  • Compatible with most regular and standard systems, easy to integrate
  • The person needs to be registered in one system only once in a lifetime
  • Large network systems can be also created
  • Common Criteria Certificate
  • 256-bit encryption, also encrypted data flow (2048 bit SHA 2)
  • Active Directory compatible
  • High security, FAR 0,00008%, FRR 0,01%
  • Can be fully integrated into all OMSTEC solutions, any 3rd party solutions as well via software, serial or Wiegand interface
  • Can be combined optionally with RFID cards (Mifare)

GateKeeper is a biometric access control system developed for all target groups from small offices to high security critical infrastructures.

Using the GateKeeper system, the palm vein scanning biometric technology can be also easily integrated into any existing system as an add-on module without replacing the actual solution. The system is Active Directory compatible, therefore the right management can become very simple, since it is integrated into the company’s existing right management system.

GateKeeper is the ideal alternative to card-based systems, offering highest security with user friendly characteristics. Nevertheless, we can provide a hybrid system combining RFID and biometric technology in a flexible way.

Main features:

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Can be used for primary or secondary identification / verification system with intelligent mass management system
  • Individual right management and identification procedure can be created
  • Ideal for large enterprises and mass handling
  • Identification time: ~1 second

GateKeeper, physical access control system

  1. Increases the security level without compromising convenience, it is as easy as using an RFID card by only taking the hand. OMSTEC is specialized in 1:n mass authentication but can provide also 1:1, both with 1 second authentication time
  2. It can be either used for replacing or completing RFID cards, thus ensuring a cost-effective solution
  3. The Active Directory compatibility enables IT and access right management on one surface
  4. The system has proven that it is simple to use for anyone, regardless of age or abilities, it is “user friendly” on highest level
  5. Easy to integrate with existing 3rd party system via Wiegand, serial, TCP/IP etc. The benefit is that the client does not have to throw out its existing access control system, right management, access point management will remain as it is, only authentication will be extended or replaced.
  6. Provides special features, like flow rate measuring, artificial intelligence for mass management

What are the benefits of GateKeeper compared to competitors?

  1. Palm vein recognition is a market proven biometric solution (the vein ID cannot be copied, stolen as in case of other technologies using surface characteristics, better FAR and FRR rate than other solutions) measures up to 5 000 000 reference points (fingerprint 12-120 points), thus one of the most unique biometric IDs
  2. Besides access control, OMSTEC also provides IT security and other products from BioSec, which are all compatible with each other. The end user does not have to purchase different solution from various companies with higher costs. IT and physical security can come from one company.
  3. Complex corporate security structure can be created, even customized
  4. GateKeeper is Active Directory compatible, while other systems are usually not
  5. It manages an unlimited number of users and access points even in 1:n modus (equally suited for large or small systems). Please be aware of the technical requirements.
  6. Ideal for mass authentication, which has been proven in the field of soccer, where it ensures ~1 second authentication time for more than 100 000 registered users
  7. GateKeeper is integrated with several global access control systems like Honeywell, Kantech, Paxton etc., therefore it can be used in combination with existing systems

Main business sectors where the GateKeeper can be utilized

  • Office buildings
  • IT Data Centres
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industry
  • Critical infrastructures, airports, army buildings
  • Healthcare, hospitals
  • State bodies
  • Justice buildings, correctional facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Sport venues, stadiums
  • Factories, oil refineries, R&D centres
  • Financial institutions, deposit lockers
  • Schools, universities
What is StadiumGuard?

StadiumGuard is a security and service solution package, which was specially developed for stadiums, sport halls and sport venues. StadiumGuard is rather a concept than a collection of products. The main goal of StadiumGuard is to create a zero-tolerance based security system for family-friendly stadiums.

More details

The modules of StadiumGuard


Is a security and service solution package created for standalone stadiums or complete national systems to provide safety and higher service level. StadiumGuard ensures a peaceful and family friendly environment for sport lovers, by keeping out banned people from the stadium until their banishment. By using StadiumGuard, facility operator has one integrated solution package, which covers the following fields in one but all modules can be chosen also separately.


Complete online and offline electronic ticketing system with fan registry, especially developed for stadiums and proven since 10 years in the market.


Biometric personal identification or verification solution for blacklist/whitelist checking, which can be integrated as a secondary verifier in case 3rd party access control system is already installed. One second authentication time, vandal proof enclosure and outdoor terminals are only a few features of the system, which have been developed separately for handling large masses, to keep troublemakers outside and create a 100% personalized ticket.


Complete physical access control system, optionally with the fastest biometric personal identification system, the BioSec palm vein identification system, which works error free even in outdoor conditions. The GateKeeper+ system enables gate and turnstile management and it can be combined with RFID/barcode reading.


Management system of GateKeeper+ for complex operation, has been specifically developed for stadiums and large systems. MatchGUARD is a two click system, therefore every information can be reached by two clicks. The system includes a forecast module for critical situations and also provides real time event management and complex access point management for fast interactions.

Main benefits of using StadiumGuard:
  • Management of an unlimited number of access points
  • Unlimited number of users
  • ~1 second verification time when using biometrics
  • By using biometrics, 100% personalised tickets can be created, thus ensuring a zero-tolerance concept
  • Comprehensive logging and monitoring system
  • 100% personalised tickets
  • Banned people can be kept outside the stadium with the highest certainty
  • It can be integrated with other products
  • Family-friendly stadium can be created with higher security and service level
  • Easier operation
  • Vanished ticket black market
  • By using cashless payment, the costs of cash handling will be reduced, accounting becomes more transparent
What is the LifePass?

LifePass is a palm vein recognition based biometric personal authentication middleware, which can be easily integrated into any third-party system via standard interface. The LifePass was specially developed to integrate the security of palm vein recognition-based technology into any system, thus replacing or completing low security passwords, cards or other identifiers. By using LifePass, the highest security level can be provided in any system, where the client only needs his/her hand for personal authentication. The The LifePass is the core module of all BioSec solutions provided by OMSTEC, as it includes the authentication solution itself, without any additional features.

WHY LifePass?

Highly secure

By using palm vein recognition, identity related abuses can be eliminated, as the vein ID cannot be copied, stolen or used by anyone else, as in case of cards, PINs, etc.

Simple to use

LifePass can be easily used by anyone, regardless of age or abilities, which has been proven in one of the most challenging fields, in sport security.

User friendly

By using LifePass, the user is identified by simply putting his/her hand above the vein sensor, thus there is no need to searching for keys, cards or tokens.

Easy to integrate

As LifePass has been developed as a middleware, it can be easily integrated into any 3rd party system, ensuring high security and convenience in any system.

Fast authentication

LifePass ensures a fast, ~1 second authentication time for an unlimited number of users.


By using LifePass, the costs of replacing stolen or lost RFID cards-, tokens- and bracelets can be absolutely eliminated.

Main features of the LifePass:

  • Can be easily integrated into any 3rd party system via standard interface, since it works as a middleware
  • Enables 1:n identification, database based verification, template on card verification and template printed on card methods
  • Active Directory compatible, thus IT and physical access right management can be done on one surface
  • Can be combined with other OMSTEC products, thus one server will serve all solutions (complex security concepts can be created, e.g. combining logical access control with physical security products etc.)
  • Already integrated with globally used system, such as Honeywell and Kantech
  • By using LifePass, anonymous database can be also created
  • ~1 second authentication time for an unlimited number of users


Possible authentication methods with LifePass:

  • 1:n identification
  • database based 1:1 verification, where we need only the user ID number from the ID card
  • template on card 1:1 verification, where we read out the enrolment template stored on the ID card and make the matching
  • template printed in QR code, ideal for paper ID’s or chips without necessary space or cards without chips

Biometric verification on paper:

By using our „Security Paper” technology, we can „place” the biometric template with double encryption (once the hash and the datamatrix itself is separately encrypted with AES 256 bit) onto a paper or plastic card and read out the data within 0,5 seconds (for one template), therefore the biometric hash does not have to be stored on any chip.

Main areas and business sectors where the GateKeeper can be utilized

  • Via LifePass palm vein recognition can be integrated into any primary access control system (usually RFID) to replace or extend RFID cards or IT solution/software to raise the security level
  • Pharmaceutical, chemical industry (replacing low security identifiers)
  • Healthcare, hospitals (patient registry for fast and automatic patient check-in)
  • Justice (personal authentication)
  • Prisons (authentication of imprisoned people, prevent theft and violence at the canteen)
  • Discos, night clubs (creating visitor blacklist in one location, or in many places together)
  • Gambling, lottery, casino (authentication of customers for keeping out underage/addicted people)
  • Safe deposit (authentication of safe owners)
  • Theme parks (integrating biometric authentication into ticketing to prevent the misuse of tickets)
Next generation access control solution for Micro- and Small-Enterprises.

What is JustPass?

JustPass is a palm vein recognition based biometric access control solution for clients with smaller infrastructures. JustPass is a next generation biometric system, now also available for Micro- and Small-Enterprises (from the price perspective). It offers an off-the-shelf, cost-effective alternative to traditional access control systems, with high security and convenience. At the same time, JustPass has a simple infrastructure, which can be used for 1:n authentication. The system can be used by up to 150 people and 8 authentication points (for larger systems, GateKeeper can be provided).

Why JustPass is beneficial for your business?

  • Increases the security level without compromising convenience, it is as easy as using an RFID but no security risks or inconveniences are involved (the user only needs his/her hand, which is absolutely unique for everyone and cannot be lost, stolen, copied or reproduced)
  • It is fast, biometric authentication takes only 1 second
  • It can be also used contactless for higher hygiene
  • It can be either used for replacing or completing RFID cards, thus ensuring a cost-effective solution
  • There is no need for a complicated server environment, the system can be installed easily
  • The OMSTEC system has proven that it is simple to use for anyone, regardless of age or abilities, it is “user friendly” on highest level
  • Fast project realisation, short lead times
  • Low maintenance costs, no active devices in the system, no IT expert is needed
  • The person needs to be registered in one system only once in a lifetime
  • 256-bit encryption, also encrypted data flow (2048 bit SHA 2)
  • The system can handle up to 8 doors and maximum 150 users, in case more is needed, upgrade to GateKeeper is necessary

Main areas and business sectors where the GateKeeper can be utilized

  • Small companies with <150 users
  • Law firms
  • Doctor offices
  • Nursing homes
  • Child nurseries
  • Libraries
  • Pharmacy companies
  • etc.
What is the RapidGuard?

RapidGuard is a rapid deployment biometric authentication and right management solution based on palm vein recognition to identify a person in a mobile and flexible way. RapidGuard is simple to install and can used for mobile authentication checkpoints (in crisis areas, events etc.), festival access points etc. Besides providing reliable authentication, RapidGuard carries out complete right management, without the need for additional infrastructure.

Whether it is a sports event, a festival or an organisation (e.g. fire departments, disaster management etc.) on mission, RapidGuard ensures simple, secure and fast authentication for a high number of users. In addition, people on mission and injured persons can be also identified quickly and access rights to security zones can be controlled easily. RapidGuard enables 1:n or 1:1 authentication, online and offline functioning, right management based access control and to create events to identify outgoing and incoming staff for real time event status.

Main benefits of using the RapidGuard:

  • Can be installed easily under the shortest time in any location, using wireless communication
  • 1:n or 1:1 authentication options for an unlimited number of users (in online mode)
  • Can be combined with RFID (Mifare) or barcode
  • Active Directory compatible, ensuring one gate right management
  • Access right to security zones can be controlled based on blacklist or whitelist checking (persons of interest can be recognised immediately)
  • Encrypted communication

Main fields of use of the RapidGuard:

  • Sport events (authentication and access control)
  • Concerts, festival (information on who goes in and out, prevents misuse of personal identity)
  • Areas hit by natural disaster (fast authentication)
  • Special environments, where traditional solutions fail (e.g. crisis zones, extreme weather conditions)
  • Clients, who wish to have high security access control without the need for additional infrastructure

Main features of RapidGuard

  • Biometric enrollment of users based on palm vein recognition, optionally medical datasheet can be created for the user to identify unconscious user.
  • Enabling/disabling users for palm vein authentication, optionally setting up time frame for the validity of the user account
  • Setting up security zones and access rules
  • Creating missions and checking outgoing and coming staff


OMSTEC is the official distributor of Biosec Group’s products in the UK. Our company provides comprehensive services to deliver outstanding solutions in biometric identification. We provide total project management from design to implementation to our UK based customers.

For more details and project pricing please get in touch with us.