Biometric ID System

Palm Vein Authentication
with Comprehensive
Project Management

Biometric ID System

Palm Vein Authentication with Comprehensive Project Management Service

OMSTEC TECHNOLOGY offers comprehensive and well organised services during the whole lifecycle of your biometric system. Our experienced people are always available for you and our approved installer and maintenance contractors all around the UK.

We provide comprehensive project management services from initial design to commissioning and maintenance. We support our local approved contractor and your company through the entire implementation process and after.



Costumers-Services are our highest priority. We provide comprehensive project management from initial design to implementation stages to fulfil your requirements.

First class Project Management.

Customer services have the highest priority at OMSTEC TECHNOLOGY. Providing Project Management requires professionals working with well-developed plans. OMSTEC TECHNOLOGY guarantees advanced Project Management terms to meet your exact expectations.

Our professional project management team uses software-based tools and special project managing methodology the guarantee for the clear communication streamlines and framework between our clients and our team.

Our expertise

We know, every project and consequently every implementation needs a team specially tailored to suit a client’s needs. As the building automation is the OMSTEC Group’s mainstream service this is the guarantee for you for fulfilling your needs from every aspect.


Our Service-Team provides a comprehensive training program for newly appointed users.

Providing competent knowledge

The OMSTEC TECHNOLOGY Service Team takes care of comprehensive training programs for customer staff. We provide all system users and operators with adequate knowledge to use the systems and installations effectively. A comprehensive training program will be designed for your company, providing training in the basic skills and the ability to access the respective system.

Fast and effective training.

Working with our biometric ID system effectively requires well-trained personnel. A training phase puts system administrators, operators and users in the position to master new applications and configurations.


Our service-team will be present on-site during the entire phase of Soft- and Hardware installation.

Experienced and qualified people we work with

With the OMSTEC Service Team on site during the entire phase of software and hardware installation – experienced and qualified people are always involved. We work only with approved local partner who can support efficiently the implementation to guarantee smooth workflows.

We are always available on site for this entire phase to ensure a ready to use installation for every project. Cooperating closely with a local partner ensures detailed knowledge about the local environment and the present conditions.

Ready to use installation for every project.

Detailed implementation plans based on years of experience. Our own project management software platform keeps the customer always updated and information easily accessible.

About the process: The server software is normally pre-installed, configured and tested in Hungary. The system is then configured into the customers’ network environment and handed over to the customer.

In most instances, OMSTEC and the local partner are in authority for distribution and installation at the predefined locations. Software and hardware acceptance tests after implementation are part of a successful installation service. 


Our Hard- and Software-Experts are available for your questions about our biometric solutions at all times.

Total customization

Every business unit even in the same industry will be different from one another, in various criteria, ranging from the size of the company to place, to business / delivery model. This ever-changing market environment with a different business unit, a different style of operation, and different set of needs will demand a unique solution.

We provide our solutions as modular, adaptable and flexible as possible as it is one of our main goals to satisfy each of our clients’ needs.


Reliable, well organised and fast support are the pillars of OMSTEC’s services.

Professional support service

We provide professional support and experience for the entire product portfolio. The purchase of OMSTEC solutions and installations entitles the customer with excellent international support service.

OMSTEC TECHNOLOGY cooperates with local approved partners ensuring every project operates successfully. A local support team, put together with specialists, assures a fast and smooth implementation process.

Ensuring successful projects.

The sustainability of every biometric system benefits from professional maintenance and support.

Local and approved support contractors are fully involved during the project execution period and have a close working relationship with our team.

Our local approved support contractor provides first level support. On a second level basis OMSTEC TECHNOLOGY employees can solve issues beyond the first level support. OMSTEC provides worldwide support including all time zones – optionally 24/7.