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Introducing new technologies to clients is never easy. That is why we are always there for you and give extra care from the design through implementation and commission stages—  comprehensive system solutions for clients from various backgrounds. OMSTEC provides fulfilment, integration management and support in your biometric projects.

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As OMSTEC Group’s core service is building automation, your system installation project will always be in good hands.

We not just supply you with the system but provide five days a week of technical distance support. We help you to manage the biometric part of your project from design to handover. We provide specialist consultancy. We assist you through the whole system integration process.

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We can help to extend your biometric authentication product portfolio with the latest technology and highest security level solution on the market.

Our expertise in biometric identification guarantees comprehensive product and solution support from design to integration for you and your customers.

I.T. Security provider

Our product portfolio covers large scale of access control solutions including physical and online access control in IT field. The LogIn system can be used for computer logging in and data/email encryption.
Data centres and rack cabinets also can be protected physically by our GateKeeper and RackGuard systems.

Welcome at OMSTEC Technology

OMSTEC TECHNOLOGY is the official partner and distributor of Biosec Group® biometric solutions in the U.K. Our biometric solutions use the latest technology based on palm vein recognition.

BioSec Group Ltd. develops innovative biometric security solutions. BioSec has been developing palm vein recognition based solutions for a decade, providing the highest level of knowledge and expertise for its clients. BioSec ensures customised solutions in the field of biometric mass authentication, physical and IT security, providing highly secure, simple to use and convenient solutions in every fields of life. In addition, BioSec is an exclusive OEM supplier for Fujitsu in the EMEIA region for access control, logical access and biometric middleware based on palm vein recognition. OMSTEC Technology delivers BioSec solution to your door with expertise and professional support.


Triple 1 – modular biometric terminal

Triple 1 + – modular biometric terminal with RFID reader

Learning Stage 1

1st step: wrist support and finger distance control accessories are attached

Learning Stage 2

2nd step: the support is being eased by removing the wrist holder

Learning Stage 3

3rd step: when users are precisely and securely able to scan their palms all accessories are being removed


TimeKeeper – modular biometric terminal with RFID reader and touchscreen

Learning Stage 1

Learning Stage 2

Learning Stage 3

This technology and ID method guarantees the highest level
of security and stability with the lowest F.A.R. and F.R.R.

We use up to 5 million reference points to identify individuals’ physical characteristics in less than 1 second.

We provide solutions for mass authentication, systems for small or large enterprises, high-level security IT access and login control with email or
document encryption.

We can help you to stand out from the Biometric Crowd.


Most people should be able to be enrolled biometrically in order that you have the minimum problem group each time, who has to be handled individually.

Face recognition Everybody has a face to be recognized, therefore in terms of universality it is a solid solution. Although, due to the current situation face mask must be worn in public spaces. For face recognition mask needs to be removed first what increases the chance of infection.

Fingerprint as an external biometric ID is very vulnerable to surface injuries, dirt, 5-9% has no fingerprint from birth etc., therefore already at the enrolment fingerprint will result greatest problem group.

Iris recognition – is a safe technology, approximately 1-2% has no unique iris pattern from birth.

Palm vein recognition Almost everybody has a hand with vein pattern to be enrolled, only the people with special disability cannot be registered. We do not know of any health condition, which would influence the quality of the biometric template.

The chosen technology should have the best False Acceptance Rate (FAR) to ensure in the best possible way that false acceptance cases outside. One important factor of FAR is the number of reference points created.

Face recognition is using up to several hundred thousand reference points with an average FAR of 0.001 (this can change with each solution provider).

Fingerprintis using in average between 12-120 reference points with least secure FAR.

Iris recognition – is almost as secure as palm vein recognition due to the up to 4 000 000 reference points. Depending on the solution provider FAR of palm vein and iris can be similar

Palm vein recognition is using 5 000 000 reference points with a certified FAR of 0.00008%.

A biometric template should not change during times and the owner should not be forced to register repeatedly.

Face recognition is a stabile biometric template but a lot of outdoor conditions can influence the False Rejection Rate.

Fingerprintis not a stabile biometric template, as surface injuries, dirt, less unique pattern can force the visitor to reregister again.

Iris recognition – uses a stable template but red eyes, contact lenses might influence authentication.

Palm vein recognition From the age of 14 the vein pattern does not change during our lifetime, therefore once registered in a system is enough. There are no known health issues, which influence the quality of authentication except vein surgeries.

Face recognition takes 2-5 seconds and you have to keep still with your head etc., in practice the authentication speed gets slower during mass admission.

Fingerprintis one second, if the template can be read out.

Iris recognition – takes 2-3 second, in addition the positioning of the eye might take longer

Palm vein recognition authentication takes in average 1 second without getting slower in outdoor conditions or with a larger database.

Face recognition can be influenced by direct sunlight, FRR can be far higher during mass admission.

Fingerprintis not affected by the external influences, except, if the surface is wet.

Iris recognition – in outdoor conditions is affected by direct sunlight.

Palm vein recognition As the hand creates a shadow between the sensor and the hand, direct sunlight, external temperatures, rain do not affect authentication, FAR or FRR. Technology works from -20 – +60 degrees.